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Paranormal Pictures Gallery

OSR - 3rd Floor Cells
Little boy by fireplace

OSR - 3rd floor cells - The dark trip around the 3rd floor...

OSR - Administration - Our little boy Nicholas, who visits us often...

Matt & Laura's House - Shadow in the hall and cat spirit in bottom left

OSR - Showers - West - Captured a mist while the EMF detector went off

OSR - Infirmary - We believe we actually captured a portal here... 

OSR - Just outside the phone room - Something is in the chair on the left

OSR - Chapel - Little boy's spirit caputured during an overnight investigation

OSR - Chapel - Second pic of the little boy during an overnight investigation

OSR - Showers - West - Sprits still waiting in line for the showers...

OSR - Infirmary - Woman in the top left corner, standing behind Matt 

OSR - Infirmary - Spirit standing in front of part of the window

OSR - West Cell Block - Spirit of a nurse with a little boy behind her

OSR - Chapel - Pic right after the "Woman in the Chapel" pic - she's gone and someone else is sitting on the pew

OSR - Chapel - Spirit in front of Matt, "The Woman in the Chapel" & little kid kneeling backwards on the pew

OSR - 2nd Floor Cells - Spirit standing in the cell entrance on the left

Residence in Richmond Heights, OH - Flaming orb moving around the room where the grandfather passed

Madison Seminary - Asylum - Arm pointing to something but no one was with me

Madison Seminary - Asylum - Spirit in the doorway

Madison Seminary - 2nd Floor Outside of the Nixon Room - Spirit casually sitting on the bed

Fairfield County Infirmary - Morgue - Spirit crouching in bottom left corner

All pictures on this website are Copyright protected